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Broke, homeless, and miserable. Three words that LaToya had become all to familiar with. She never imagined becoming a college drop out, but her worst fears had, sadly, become her reality as she watched her friends graduate and...


What happens when men confuse love with lust, chemistry with chaos, and commitment with conflict? Terrance is a young, ambitious bachelor running the ATL streets where women are plenty. But what happens when he starts to fall in love...


After snooping through her boyfriend Terrence's phone, Lisa's worst fears are confirmed. Wanda and Tina always warned her that all men cheat during girls' night out (aka Tea Time), but Lisa never thought that it would happen to her...


Discover 9 tips influential and successful people are highly familiar with. These tips were derived to uplift and inspire individuals to embark on a purpose-filled journey and utilize their God-given talents to reach their fullest potential...

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Who is Trey Parker?

Imagine what you can do, and then go do it.” It's not just a fluffed up quote, but encouraging words that Trey Parker lives by. He was born in the roughest parts of Tampa, Florida, but that didn’t stop him from stepping out of his comfort zone and becoming a powerful and educated young black male.

Trey is a graduate of

Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing, and he received his M.B.A. from Florida Agricultural Mechanical University. During his time at F.A.M.U., Trey self published his first book The Tea. He started writing books to encourage his peers to turn off the television and get excited about reading. His first fictional book was followed up with a sequel Thy Cup Runneth Over. Trey also partnered with his fraternity brother and co-authored Walking on Air: Success Tips for the Young, Fly, and Foolish.

With every word that he writes, his goal is to shed light on the untold stories and experiences that black Millennials deal with, while uplifting and inspiring the masses.